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Vulgar and Vulgarities

The themes of the show are introduced: something that’s vulgar in one context is good taste in another. Taste is such a mutating thing through the centuries that it is a meaningless notion if you try to fix and define it. Its fluidity is its very essence. All this neurotic differentiation has “reality” only in our own minds: because, after all, vulgarity is a crime only ever committed by other people. 


Vulgar: The Common People


Vulgarism: Grossness, meanness Vulgarity


Vulgarity: Meanness, State of Lowest People


"Samuel Johnson: A Dictionary of English Language (1755)


Vulgar .1. The Common Language, The vernacular ( 1665)

             2.a. Persons belonging to the ordinary or  common class of the community (1678)

             b. A person not reckoned  as belonging to a good society


The psychoanalyst, Adam Phillips, gives his multiple definitions of the vulgar, which loosely subdivide the exhibitions into sections. His clever, aphoristic notes explain how the vulgar can take in the common, the excessive, the overtly sexy and so on. These categories provide the excuse to juxtapose scores of examples of some of the most sumptuous couture of the past 80 or so years, with historic items that reflect similar preoccupations.



The truth is that some of the abstract qualities we most like to admire, and that clothes have often sought to reference – goodness, humility, modesty – are not well suited to direct visual expression. It is their darker shadows that are a whole lot easier to put into material form: the naughty, the exhibitionist, the sexy. And then we’re right back, plonk, in the land of the vulgar. But as the eloquent milliner Stephen Jones points out in an accompanying video to this show: “What we must never forget is that the vulgar is tremendous fun”.



For me the most significant themes in the Vulgar show was reminding us, How back in time at some many years ago, people had to follow their clans, cultures and reagents by force to represent their normality or I suppose abnormality by others. represent their family histories, their public ranks or nationalities.


Psychoanalyst, Adam Phillip definitions boards, helped me to understand more and witnessing the history of  Vulgarity from past time to present. Ironically I have grown up in a very strict family culture and lived in a country with the most fanatic and radical regime that ever anyone can experience.

However, I unconsciously and unexpectedly, forced myself to swim against the flood and become vulgarism myself, as I have had no other options.


So this show has reminded me of the process of my own life in some aspect. what is being "NORMAL" or "ABNORMAL"?





















The strategies in this show were employed to get their messages across to the verities of different cultures, sex, norms, generations, arts, history, by playing or manipulating a very different theme in order to create  a art piece.  this help us to visualize how we can learn from them as in order to move on or to change .


As Vivienne Westwood in this exhibition and continuously works on the themes of translation, Wearing nudity in the form of a skin colored body shocking. she draw attention to what should be hidden and used paintings and sculptures based on classical pastoral romance in  her designs. " The experiment is about both subject and context ".



























the use  of space in this show was ' OKey', however, the measure of control and the heaviness of securities eyes was phenomenal for me which makes me very unconformable to be in the rooms and enjoy my studying. I do Understand that those are precious dresses , but that was my feeling in there. I would rather liked to be in more friendly space, especially in this show it  it was all about revolutionize our mind .


I would take away from this exhibition the ideas and the feelings, of  vulgarity about life it self  to explore the inherently challenging but utterly compelling territories of taste in life in-general. and  challenging what is regularity or normality and the wonder about what is pleasure and enjoyment.




Vulgarity is always more of something, never less:

It exaggerates: It never understates: It performs:

It never retreats: It is committed to enjoyment: 

It has all the bravado that shyness and shame demands.

It always reminds us of what is missing.

It draws attention to what it lacks. It is a self-cure for the fear

of  impoverishment. it acts out the scandal of entitlement the

pleasures it represents, and the envy it creates. It is the Theater of

ambition and kitsch is its celebration. In fears and courts ridicule.


The Vulgar is something we make nothing is naturally, or essentially or in itself  Vulgar and Vulgarity like beauty, it is the eye of the beholder.



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