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Year of production: 2023. Running Time: 2:30 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

 Growing up in the dark and scary environment, Revolution, War and fanatical religious government.
A child suffered from every night peeing bed because of nightmares and waken up to receive a harsh punishment from her parents every day for what she has done while she was sleeping.
A child has grown up with many anxieties, depressions. been  frightened for many  crossing or touching the forbidden superstitions and Talisma

 A child whose experienced jails, sexual abuse, rapes and many discriminations yet,  waiting for someone from her family to come and save her. to take her out of those places, although she always knew that person never comes to save her to comfort her and tell her everything's going to be all right.

 That child has grown up now and she is still trying to be brave and stronger than ever, she is now facing to all those terrible memories, dreams, traumas and anxieties.


  She is still fighting for her lives and her rights of  freedom 




   She is me and  my name is Mehrak 


 This art performance is my personal challenging and self-responded to a very specific trauma and my memories. The concept has chosen very personally and the over projected images are specially collected from middle-eastern cultures.  they have an individual meaning and individual sources for a specific use.

Southgate College provided amazing facilities to help me and to produce this  Art performance. 




  • FemaleArtist


  • Installation art


  • Sculpture


  • MehrakDavoudi


  • Paintings.        Mehrak Davoudi







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