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BA. Final exhibition ( Middlesex University)

For me, the cage can represent national borders, prison or sometimes transformation in life. Abstract bleeding, dripping figures are at once disturbing and at the same time provocative - even ambitious. The gold colour of the blood can be taken to represent how precious life is. Taken as a whole, it is life itself in the most challenging cumulative events throughout our individual experience from beginning to the end.

A life defined by a narrative of loss, sacrifice, separation and exile is an exceptionally difficult existence.
Ironically it seems these are perhaps inner processes and source codes of all lives, tweaked differently to each individual. The vast majority of humanity traverse through their lives without considering the philosophical aspect of "real living skills". Coming and going after one another - do we often know why? The plant inside the cage reminds us of the everlasting process of life; birth; living. I seek to explore deeper into my own philosophical existence, my desires and finding hope, light, peace.

Life can ravage you. Be proud of each and every trial you survived, and perhaps even the physical and emotional scars of those trials for not giving up


  • FemaleArtist

  • Installation art

  • Sculpture

  • Paintings                                      MehrakDavoudi



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