Dan Graham

Dan Graham works are the investigation of comparative relationships through his personal narratives. Existing in multiple mediums his pieces are conceptually driven to their means of production. Whether in the form of sculptural autonomous machines or variations in printmaking his works are based in storytelling. 


He was raised in an environment where it was believed anything could be fixed or figured out.  A large amount of his work starts as a means of breaking down, fixing or figuring out his personal matter. Not a means of catharsis but a means of interpersonal communication. as Graham Said once "I often rely on a process of forcing images against each other to dilate a previously unscripted narrative. I have never been short on words but when it comes to explaining emotion he often is short on the right words."


There is a practice in dream therapy in dealing with partial memory where the client will start telling their dream until it gets unclear what happens next. At this point, the therapist will make up the rest. The client will contest, saying not it was not like that it was like this, going on to finish a dream they had up until then, forgotten.  The memory comes forward to defend itself. 


he becomes both the client and the administrator to force comparisons in hope of a defensive dialogue coming forward to defend the visual narrative as a valid interpretation of each personal investigation.

Female artist 

Installation Art


          Mehrak Davoudi



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