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Larry Bell

employ glass in Larry Bell's work, harnessing, in particular, the material’s special properties of transmitting, absorbing and reflecting light. He has said: ‘Although we tend to think of glass as a window, it is a solid-liquid 6 x 6 An Improvisation, Bell combines three types of glass; grey, clear and partially coated panels that have been treated with a thermal evaporation process, depositing a thin layer of nickel-chrome on their surface. Architectural in form and reference, the panels function as mirrors, windows and doors. Bell describes his ‘Standing Walls’ as ‘improvisational’ since not only do they change with varying light but incorporate a degree of experimentation in their final forms, as the technical process of their making allows for many possibilities and permutations. Highly dramatic and visually complex, 6 x 6 An Improvisation creates a sequence of layered reflections and shapes, converging hues.

that has at once three distinctive qualities: it reflects light, it absorbs light, and it transmits light all at the same time.’and densities while maintaining the illusion of volume.

Female artist 

Installation Art


          Mehrak Davoudi 



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