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  Mehrak Davoudi


In recent years, unconsciously I found myself engaged- fully with the memories of my life from an early age. 


The works produced particularly focus on the trauma, emotional and physical inspiration. However, making and creating artworks it has been always my best scape zone. My work has evolved from my life experience and the courage of exploring and creating responses in the form of sculptures, paintings, installations or performance.
At first, I made single installation without any freedom at all: it was defining my thoughts and feelings, it was a safe place for facing a particular memory and aiming to find peace in its creation.

Gradually subtlety of the relationship between my artworks and me became much freer. I see my works as groups of objects that have a relationship with one another. My work can be a standalone outcome with individual meaning and interpretation.

In my opinion, this is why people grow from a single point—a minimum base of immobility which suggests an always possible change. The look of my figures is abstract and the look of my installations is more philosophical and minimal.


Together with to the spectator they may not appear to figure at all or installations. They are the expression, in abstract terms, of emotions and states of awareness. The importance of reflection of my past. 

I continue to produce a contemporary personal response. ​



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