Louise Bourgois

Louise Bourgeois’s artworks are inspired by her past life experiences. Like a small child and
independent on their mother; this can be a very painful experience as it can be overwhelming with
endless feelings of emptiness in conjunction with the unfulfilled needs or disappointments.
Bourgeois's desires are evident by her repeated emotional themes to solve the same story and
She was thirsting for self-realisation and her strong fascination with abandonment was
exhausting. However exhausting this was for Bourgeois, she managed to charge these feelings of
traumas and anxieties into her practice and in doing that so powerfully was positioned to sit into the
audiences 'collective unconscious.' It is the maternal collective unconscious, the way mother enters
into a dual position of unquestionable supporter and/or human-self enemy.
“The good mother is seen as naturally fit to nurture her children’s needs and to confirm their
worth, power and significance. However, if she fails to render them this service, she is a monster
who, beckons her loved ones from selfhood, wants to engulf, dissolve, drown and suffocate
As Louise Bourgeois says: “space does not exist in itself it is just a metaphor for the structure of
our existence.”
( Bernadac&Obrist.1998,p.220)

 Lecture: "My Louise Bourgeios" by Siri Hustvedt

Louise Bourgeois is famous enough for everyone in the world. I don't find any reasons to introduce her again or going deep on each of her artworks meanings or her intentions and her makings or how she was expressing and defining herself within her sculptures.
However, what I really would like to talk about here is, how an artist struggle and search when they have been suffered from long-term illness and anxieties and how they are approach and looking desperately for a cure or organization to get help.


I found that the cures and confess not only on her artworks but on her life too, her drives and creations. Alongside all dramas and anxieties that she had suffered,  has been cured throughout making, developing and producing something, to express fully her inner feeling, which has never done by anyone before her so publicly with such a scales and boldness.

I was desperate to find the way to express my own struggles completely and fully, so when I found and learnt about Bourgeois's life journey and her fascinating abstract expressionism artworks. the way she explored her life experiences into the form of sculpture and installation it was overwhelming and so amazed by her courage and her drives. she became an ideal and inspirational rule figure for me. not only like her artworks but admire her strong character. 


Louise Bourgeois Peels a Tangerine

Louise Bourgeois has produced two series of Cells, one focusing on the senses, the other linked to childhood and memory. “The Cells represent different types of pain: physical, emotional and psychological, mental and intellectual… Each Cell deals with a fear. Fear is pain… Each Cell deals with the pleasure of the voyeur, the thrill of looking and being looked at,” she declares.

Taking an increasing advantage of the polyphony of materials, Louise Bourgeois exploits them all: glass, wood, metal, marble and fabric. Each material has its own story and displays itself in its opacity or transparency, its weight or lightness, its smooth or rough side.


Female artist 

Installation Art


          Mehrak Davoudi 

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