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"Substrata"  The Crypt Gallery.


Substratum in British

noun plural -strata (-ˈstrɑːtə, -ˈstreɪtə)

Any layer or stratum lying underneath another, a basis or foundation; groundwork, the non-living material on which an animal or plant grows or lives

Geology – the solid rock underlying soils, gravels, etc; bedrock, the surface to which a fixed organism is attached

Sociology – any of several subdivisions or grades within a stratum

Photography- a binding layer by which an emulsion is made to adunhere to a glass or film base sometimes shortened to: sub

Philosophy – substance considered as that in which attributes and accidents inhere

Linguistics – the language of an indigenous population when replaced by the language of a conquering or colonizing population, esp. as it influences the form of the dominant language or of any mixed languages arising from their contact

Derived forms

substrative (subˈstrative) or substratal (subˈstratal) adjective

Word origin of ‘substratum’

C17: from New Latin, from Latin substrātus strewn beneath, from substernere to spread under, from sub- + sternere to spread


Makers 8 Collective is a group of artists whose practice spans various disciplines – from jewellery to fine art, art as social practice to printmaking, each working in a variety of materials.  Struck by the diversity of the Crypt’s use over time, from a place of burial to air raid shelter to gallery, their exhibition explores and responds to site within the context and theme of Substrata, revealing the rich historical, architectural and geological diversity of the surrounding and ever-changing urban landscape.







Installation arts 

female artists 

                                          Mehrak Davoudi




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