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Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi

( Farah Sculpture)

fibreglass 2016

Mehrak Davoudi

FARAH BLUE 30.11,2016

Around the world, so many are in constant search
A work of art inspired by the Queen of Iran's name and her signature.
FARAH: Name of Queen of Iran (Her Imperial Majesty Queen Farah Pahlavi).
FARAH: Happiness, Joy.much has an impact on our general happiness; this can be
Constantly searching and yearning for eternal happiness in one’s life. So
associated, country and seeking refuge in a safe place
most fanatic regime resulting in Her Majesty Farah and I fleeing the
life and in Her Majesty’s life since I born: The revolution, war and the
The sadness witnessed, devastation and parallel difficulties both in my
calligraphic inspired sculpture.
aspects of sadness and happiness and inclusive in this abstract Persian
This piece will evoke experiences and meaningfulness of life in all
impact our happiness when all we desire is to have this happiness in our
financial constraints, work, marriage and family. Therefore these matters
to the history and architectural buildings music
Her admiration and love towards our culture, music, poetry, art, art
prevail over darkness”.
continues to share with others, like me, “with the hope that light will
that one can give to others, it is a sentiment that Her Majesty kept and
The Happiness witnessed, with HOPE, the precious and priceless gift
and losing two children of hers during this difficult time in exile.

the sadness of King's death has always has been
phenomenal. During her reign as queen of Iran, she used the
opportunities to devote her life to introducing and expanding the
knowledge of the rich culture to music and art even to Iranian and other
countries or vice versa other cultures to us.
Her signature under all the projects. A significant visual mark is there
whether the work was established during her reign or never happened
because of chaotic event after 1979.
Queen Farah’s continued support and endorse the Arts and touched the
hearts of so many.
I was born after revolution and never experienced the life before that
chaotic events and growing up in that terrible situation with unpredictable
I realised from a young age the importance to educate myself how to be
hopeful and ambitious in life. I looked at her life and her overwhelming
kindness and generosity toward others; I learnt to be kind with others,
stronger and I understand how difficult it is to be exiled and apart from
those that I love and share happy moments.
Therefore, with the courage and support received from Her majesty.
I wanted to say thank you ever so much for being our queen, our most
caring, kind matriarchal mother figure.
This piece of work is inspired by Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi and takes
the shape and form of a Sculpture.
Artwork that has significant meaning and Royal origin and associations.
God bless FARAH PAHLAVI the queen of Iran.

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